Crypto Social Trading Community

Networking Professionals Together All Over The World

We are a trading community that aims to provide an informative anonymous safe place to learn about all aspects of the crypto market. As a group, we can all learn from each other. This is the place where the community can share ideas and build our future!

  • Create Your Crypto "Home"
  • Network With Friends
  • Share Your Ideas
  • Create Your Own Blogs
  • Idea Board Community
  • Be An Educator
  • Create Groups
  • Publish to All Social Media
  • Earn Badges For Achievements
  • Earn Points To Redeem

⬇️ The Social Media Platform ⬇️

  • NFT Marketplace
  • Crypto Merch Store
  • Sell trade Indicators
  • Sell AI Bot Services
  • Sell Crypto Services
  • Be A Live Broadcaster
  • Be A Crypto Scam Reporter
  • Listen to Music
  • Get The Latest News
  • Connect Your Socials

We Are A Crypto Trading Community

Network & Socialize

This is the gateway to learn how to get into Web3. Every day people ask "what is crypto" and this is my way to help people get into this amazing space.
We as a community can trade ideas. Content creators can teach everyone in all spaces instead of just their one platform. We want to promote all other social media platforms all from 1 place,
Network & Socialize

Why Register For CryptoSTC?

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This isn’t a YouTwitFace social media platform; it’s everything crypto interconnected in one place for your audience’s growing pleasure. You’re going to love it here, and so will your followers!

We have a place called My.CryptoSTC where creators and people that have “crypto-related” merch to sell can have their site custom created. Here, they will have a dashboard and a custom store to sell their digital assets, services, or real-world crypto-represented items like t-shirts, hats, etc.

If you are a trader doing crypto technical analysis, then you can teach and sell your indicators on the Charts.CryptoSTC site. To be able to do this, it requires you to have a My.CryptoSTC space to host it. Check the roadmap to find out when you can apply for one!

We all need a place to broadcast our live feeds, and we are adding a stand-alone broadcasting platform custom-designed for this community at LIVE.CryptoSTC. Here we can broadcast our feed and connect to all other social platforms simultaneously. Imagine connecting yourself to TikTok, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitch simultaneously.

We are proud to announce that the NFT.CryptoSTC marketplace will be where we create the contracts, and the community will have access and be able to create NFTs in a safe environment. The NFTs you create will be on the blockchain (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche) and can be resold on any marketplace like Opensea or Rarable.

We are also implementing augmented reality NFTs at AR.CryptoSTC, inserting 3d assets you create and can play with in the real world. This will be paired with an interactive map you can drop your Augmented reality NFTs and claim your spot.

In addition, we have our metaverse project we are working on in the background. Check the roadmap to keep track of its progress and look for opportunities to provide feedback.

Our Crypto coin and a community DAO are also coming down the pipeline.