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Online digital wallet and exchange (GLOBAL)

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Secure offline storage wallet

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Before we begin you must understand the risks you are taking

Any time you put your real money in an exchange wheather you’re trading stocks, bonds, currency, or crypto there is a very real risk of loosing it all, especially if you are leverage trading. TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK! CryptoSTC will NOT be responsible for any monetary loss. 70% of people loose their money when they trade with high leverage. Don’t be that 70%



algorithmic indicators used in Tradingview are scripts tell us when to buy and sell

Trading crypto is similar to gambling. You can make money weather the market goes up or down if you place your bet right. Trading with leverage is dangerous but that is how we do it in the trade signal group. We’ve got the tools that tell us when to buy and sell so as long as we play safe we will win a lot as a group

Country Restrictions

Governments have put restrictions on trading Crypto

Depending on where you live in the world will determine what restrictions you have should you decide to start trading on these exchanges with leverage. We ALWAYS recommend a VPN regardless because it keeps people from knowing your business. If you trade Crypto for Fiat (money) then you are subject to the tax laws. This is the same as a 401k or a retirement investment fund.

Test Trading

Before investing your real money try it out first

Everyone is excited to get trading and making money but its not exactly easy especially when you are trading Bitcoin because it tends to do its own thing. Everyone is wrong from time to time and you have to make sure you put in safeguards and minimize your losses. We have a test net trading group where we all trade together displaying our own charts as we are reading signals from technical analysis’s. We advice EVERYONE join that group to get your experience.

Advanced Resources

Trading Charts

Platform used to watch stocks and crypto


Free VPN (very slow)

Most expensive but the best

Very good VPN

Very good VPN

Auth Tools

2 step verification tool (Apple or Android)

security 2 form login security (Apple or Android)


 (GLOBAL) PaxForex is the best for ALL trading

Preferred exchange (EU only)

 (GLOBAL) Best starter exchange

Popular exchange (EU only)

Popular exchange trades 8-5 (EU only)

Popular Exchange (EU only)

(GLOBAL) Requires info for taxes

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