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The Basics made simple

First, before you can trade crypto you have to know a few things

What is Crypto?

Crypto currency is a form of money (digital currency)

There are 2 types of crypto – Bitcoin and Altcoins

Bitcoin was the 1st digital currency and Altcoins are everything else. Some of the more popular cryptos are Ethereum, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, EOS, and then there are hundreds of others some of which are fake.


The goal is to hold as much as you can

Here on this page you are learning the basics of what crypto is, how to get, and how to hold it. We all in the crypto space believe it will be worth a lot more then what what the price is now. After you’ve gotten that far if you are interested in trading some we can help We’ll show you how to trade on a real platform risk free without loosing any of your own real money. If you are winning then start doing some real trades.

Why do you trade Crypto?

Digital currencies are very volatile which means the price changes a lot

Crypto is still a young form of money and with any new stock it will have its ups and downs before it stabilizes. The best thing about this amazing type of money is that it has a cap limit which makes it more valuable. If you just simply hold it someday it may be worth lot of money like an antique.

Why is trading so popular?

We use algorithmic indicators that tell us when to buy and sell

Any time you put your money in an exchange weather it’s stocks, bonds, currency, or crypto there is a risk of loosing it all.

Trading crypto is similar to gambling. You can make money weather the market goes up or down if you place your bet right. Trading with leverage is dangerous but that is how we do it in the trade signal group. We’ve got the tools that tell us when to buy and sell so as long as we play safe we will win a lot as a group

Basic Resources

Get Crypto

Online digital wallet and exchange (GLOBAL)

Best exchange  and wallet (GLOBAL)

Online digital wallet and exchange (GLOBAL)

Online digital wallet (US only)

Crypto Storage

Great way to get crypto (US only)

Online digital wallet for crypto

Online digital wallet for crypto (GLOBAL)

Offline Storage

Secure offline storage wallet

Secure offline storage wallet

Connect With Us

Keep up to date with technical analysis

Easy way to communicate with us

Free crypto chat community

Trading Charts

Platform used to watch stocks and crypto

Stock Exchange

Easy way to trade stocks and cryhpto

Trade stocks with a little more control

Getting Started

Step 1

Getting Crypto

learn how to obtain cryptocurrency

There are many ways of exchanging money (fiat) into crypto and they all have a fee they charge. You will use an app to put your crypto in a digital wallet. All the apps want you to verify your identity and link a bank card or bank account to transfer the funds.

Great exchange to start with that has low leverage options to trade with  is the best global exchange with the most options for most countries

One of the most popular exchanges to trade your money into crypto

Online storage wallet that has many different options and some cool features

Step 2

Crypto storage

Safeguarding your HODL crypto

Rule number 1. Do NOT keep your crypto on the exchanges. Move it to a storage wallet that you trust. We believe that one day this digital currency will be worth a lot of money so if you would rather just hold it (HODL) or if you have a lot of it then store it offline where it will be safe from bad people. You can purchase a hardware wallet which is the best way to store your digital assets. There are many out there but we suggest this one below because of personal experience.

If you live in the USA you can use the Cash App. Very easy after you verify.

If you live in the USA you can use the Cash App. Very easy after you verify.

Ledger Nano is a popular offline cold storage wallet that keeps your crypto safe

Ellipal Wallet is the perfect solution because its been proven to work

Step 3

Connect with us

Chat with us in Discord & watch the Youtube videos

Once you are set up holding crypto then sit back and watch it grow and lets see if trading is for you. Join our discord and watch the Youtube videos to get updated on the latest prices and chart indicators. You can also start to make friends on our social platform where people will be sharing their own ideas.

Keep up to date with technical analysis videos that show you how to trade

DISCORD GUEST CHAT is the best and quickest way to chat with us

If you’ve already got a Discord account then just click here to join the server

Step 4

Trading Charts

You're going to need to understand charts

If you are interested in trading crypto then you need to get a charting platform. We recommend Tradingview because it is the most popular and it’s FREE, and you can add indicators (things that tell you which way the market moves). In the free version you can only use 1 chart use only 3 indicators at a time which will probably be enough to start out with. If you are serious about trading and making lots of money then defiantly get the pro version.

In order to trade Crypto you need to know how to read the charts. We give you signals and indicators

The Alternative

stocks and cryptos

For those that don't want to do high risk trading

If you just want to invest your money and watch it grow slowly then you have to try one of these trading platforms. These are NO COST COMMISSION FREE exchanges that are safe and easy to use. You can even buy the indicators and and use Tradingview to start trading on your own. The indicators will still tell you when to buy and sell ANY stock on the market.

Robinhood is a very easy way to trade stocks and crypto

Webull is a bit more advanced but once you learn how to trade its very nice

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