Did Somebody Say Free Crypto?

Here at CryptoSTC you can get POINTS by doing POW (Proof Of Work) You will be able to redeem those POINTS for CryptoSTC tokens (🟡STC) We want to teach the community what crypto is and how to use it. CryptoSTC is a user friendly web2 place where people can be introduced into the new web3 space.

Earn Points (POW)

Update your Profile

You get points by adding your profile and background photo. You also get points to add info about yourself to your profile

Technical Analysis

Create a group and post your charts. Every time you contribute to the community with why you think price will move in a certain direction you will be rewarded

Share The Posts

You can like and share posts from CryptoSTC to Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and more. Get rewarded for letting the world know where this post came from

Buy Points

Use the points for goods and services in our ecosystem. Use the points to get paid access to certain content.

Redeem For Crypto

Our token 🟡STC hasn't launched yet, and there is no whitelist of presale. If you are a long time investor this is your opportunity to get in early

CryptoSTC Tokens

The CryptoSTC tokens will also let you get the same access as the points but these will also let you purchase items in Crypto world like NFTs, and Metaverse items

Affiliate Link

Use your affiliate link and get paid when people join CryptoSTC.
You'll receive 50 points for every person that signs up

Where to buy points?

If you need  more points to buy or get access, instead of using your crypto just buy points. You can share the points between each other right through the website. 

Token sales coming soon

Send Points To Other Users

If you own points, you can share them! Find some friends here on CryptoSTC ➡️ MEMBERS ⬅️
Send TIPS to content creators for sharing their knowledge and entertaining us.

Top Point Holders

250 points for the top 10 point holders

Points Breakdown