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Level 2 - Wallets

Keep your assets safe from hackers

Every wants your crypto. Safeguard your assets by keeping them in a safe place. A “hot wallet” is online but secure and an”cold storage wallet” is one that you put it on a special hardware device offline.

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What is the Crypto App
NO FEES! I find this to be the best hot storage all in 1 platform. It's got a checking account for USD AUD and EUR currencies that you can trade your "fiat" money back and forth from crypto to cash. It's also got a reloadable debit card attached to it!
Crypto app

Best wallet. Get hold and stake money and crypto



1 - Bank Account

Hold "Fiat" real money in this checking account

2 - Reloadable Debit Card

Move your real money to your own METAL loadable card

3 - Crypto Wallet

NO FEES to trade your money to crypto

4 - CRO Coin

They have their own native crypto coin

5 - Trading Exchange

They have their own trading platform (not for the US)

What is
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What is Coinbase?
One of the most popular ways to get and store crypto. Coinbase is the safest most trusted of all the wallets with added features like Ledger integration so you can easily move your crypto offline. This platform does come with a cost for converting and transferring.

Great app to hold your crypto safely and secure



1 - Crypto Wallet

Buy and hold Crypto

2 -Secure Wallet

Safe place to "lock" up your coins in the vault

3 - Debit Card

Exchange your coins to cash and add it to a card

4 - Trading Exchange

They have their own platform (Coinbase PRO)

5 - USDC coin

Coinbase has their own stable coin

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What is a Ledger Nano?
This is the number 1 most popular form of offline storage on the market. Use this to keep your crypto safe from hackers by storing your crypto in a safety depots box or a safe just like a bar of gold
Ledger Nano

Best cold storage wallet to hold your crypto



1 - Offinle Wallet

Safest way to store your crypto

2 - Integration

Move crypto straight from Coinbase

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What is Ellipal?
Another competitor to the Nano is the Ellipal cold storage wallet giving you easy access to your funds off the internet incase of any security breach, it's safe. a MUST HAVE.

Keep your crypto safe by storing it offline



1 - Offinle Wallet

Safest way to store your crypto

2 - Integration

Move crypto straight from Coinbase

2 - Options

More options in hardware choices

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