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CryptoSTC is on a higher path with a bright future.
Introducing the Crypto Social Media Trading Community Multi Platform.

Where the users can be anonymous and call this place a home. Our target goal is to bring users in and put ALL their social media places here collectively. Joining together Twitter feeds, Discord, Tiktok, Youtube and many others. If you have followers we can customize this place and let others join YOUR home. 
You the Crypto users will get the opertunity to open your own store, or learn and create your own NFT collections and contracts here, where we will do our best to safeguard info and keep you as informed as we can about potential threats and theft of the unforeseen future events.
This is NOT an exchange, We don’t deal with money or crypto and you can come for education and networking. There is no place like this, so join our path and check out the roadmap to our future together.


  • Q1 2023

Social Media Platform

🪙STC Token

  • Q3 2023

CryptoSTC Token Launch

⚪My CryptoSTC

  • Q3 2023

Creators Space

🔵NFT CryptoSTC

  • Q4 2023

NFT Marketplace

🖼️Genesis NFT

  • Q4 2023

CryptoSTC Genesis Collection

🟣1 on 1 Learning

  • Q1 2024

Professionals to Tech the Public

🟢Charts CryptoSTC

  • Q2 2024

CryptoSTC Charting Platform


  • Q3 2024

CryptoSTC Live Multi Broadcasting

Q1 2020
Q4 2020
Q1 2021

What is it? CryptoSTC was designed to teach people about everything crypto. It all started when I started hearing about people loosing their money by forgetting their keys, sending their crypto to a the wrong place on the wrong network, getting scammed, some having ransoms over their head.
I am creating a safe place where people can learn how not to get ‘WREKED’ and feel confident about this new non stoppable tech world.

Q3 2021
Q1 2022
Q3 2022

Keep Track Of Our Progress!


is the Social Media Platfom

FREE to join to network and share ideas between each other in a simple web2 environment

Q3 2022 ✅
In development
Q1 2023 ✅
Beta test NEW version with the social media platform
Q1 2023 ✅
CryptoSTC Public Launch!
Q2 2023 ✅
Development of CryptoSTC Token
Q3 2023 🔲
Public launch of CryptoSTC Token
Q4 2023 🔲
Integration NFT.CryptoSTC
Q4 2023 🔲
Launch the Genesis NFT collection

My CryptoSTC

A space for Creators

Apply for your own creators space where you can combine all of your socials and sell merch

Q1 2023 ✅
In development
Q2 2023 ✅
Add the multi social link post software
Q2 2023 ✅
Projected beta launch of the site
Q3 2023 🔲
Add Genesis users to the platform and set up dashboard
Q1 2024 🔲
Add Merch Store for the creators to sell Crypto related products and services


Our own NFT Marketplace

Create your own NFT collections and learn how to get into this fast emerging space

Q4 2022 ✅
In development
Q2 2023 ✅
Beta test NFT marketplace
Q4 2023 🔲
Launch our 1st NFT collection
Q4 2023 🔲
Official public launch of the NFT marketplace
Q4 2023 🔲
Social media marketing
Q1 2024 🔲
Bring new Artists to this space




1 on 1


Coming Soon

More Platforms to be added in the future as we grow

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